CONDOR - No.1 integrated darts flight and shaft system in Japan.



These unique items will bring the increased satisfaction to your darts life.


It eliminates the damage to the flights and prevents the flights being bounced out. It also helps the grouping improves. The damage to the flight is eliminated without the steps from the barrel to the point.
The flight duration can be improved 3-6 times more. ( It may depends on how you use it )
The bump from the barrel to the point gets entangled to the flight and that prevents the flights being bounced out.
Without the step between the barrels and the point, the darts will smoothly gather and the grouping will be improved.

This essential item for hard dart can be easily put on.

Comparison of flight damage as thrown by Professional TRiNiDAD Player Yuki Yamada

These are the different results of a week playing with and without the Condor Guard protection.As seen here, this is clear evidence of the barrel and points hitting and damaging the flights.

LEFT: Flight image without the Condor Guard protection.
RIGHT: Flight Image with the Condor Guard protection.

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